Sunday, 12 July 2015

Goodness of Natural Oils #FirstLove

If you are a parent of a new born baby or if you are going to give birth to a new born baby, then this article is for you. Becoming a parent is one of the best happiness in the world, a smile of your small child makes you forget about every sorrows you have in your life. But becoming a parent is not everything, becoming a parent brings you a few responsibilities and out of which one of the major responsibility is taking care of your child's health. No parent can feel relaxed if they see even a drop of tear in their child's health.

As a parent we take a lot of care about our child from the food that we should feed to the child to the color of clothes that our child should wear. And the most important step towards taking care of our baby's health is done by every parent in the form of giving massage. Every mom gives a massage to her baby when the baby is very small. A massage is very important for a baby as it helps in the physical development of a child.

When a question is asked to every mother about which oil does she use to massage her baby, there will be a few names in the answers but the twist in the story arises when they are asked if the oil is natural or does it contains chemicals. There are many products available in the market which may contain chemical or may not contain. The ones which contain chemicals do promise that it will help the child's physical development to happen faster and many of the products even show the results, but they have a drawback that they may cause many skin problems to the baby in the younger part of his/her life.

Natural oils on the other hand give the same results and they do not even cause any future harms to the baby. Here are a few benefits of natural oils about how they help in the physical growth of your baby's body:

  • A small baby is born with more than 300 parts of bones, which further develop to for the 206 bones of our body. This process sometimes give a lot of pain to the baby. Almond extracts in natural oil act as a pain killer and also helps in nourishing the newly formed bones.
  • Olive extracts help for the development of a better digestive system.
  • They also contain the vital nutrients such as the vitamins and the minerals which provide a good skin to the baby.
  • They do not contain any chemicals, hence they avoid the future problems that can cause to your baby such as body rashes and skin darkening.
  • They help in improving the immune system of the body.
So the message is clear that you should use natural oils to massage a baby. If you are searching for a good natural oil then I will suggest you to buy Dabur Baby Massage Oil with Oilve and Almond. This is not for promotion but in fact I have a real life experience which has proved about its promising results. One of my neighbor Aarti gave birth to a baby boy about 8 months ago, she used normal oils such as coconut oil to massage him but there were no good signs of development in her son. I suggested her about this oil about two months back, and now she herself feels my suggestion was right. Her son is only 8 months and he has started crawling. Which I feel is something very good at this age.

Readers will be appreciated to share their experiences in the comments section.

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