Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Keratin Treatment: Pros and Cons

When it comes to hair, every woman loves to have a kind of hair which are smoother, silky, sleeker and easier to style. People use expensive cosmetics to get such results but those results don't last too long. The reason behind those products failing to last long is that they give some temporary results and you need to use them at regular intervals to keep the results alive. Well, that is not recommended as the cosmetics are too expensive and it applying them on regular intervals also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To find a solution for it, salon professionals came up with a new treatment known as the Keratin treatment. I and a few friends of mine also decided to go for such treatment as we saw some good results with other colleagues working with me. The Keratin treatment was a little expensive but the results that we got were great compared to results from the cosmetics. As instructed by the salon professionals we used to take that treatment after every 12 weeks which were equal to 3 months. This continued for around 1.5 years and from last 12 months all of us started facing a few problems such as rashes on skin, red patches on the back, etc. We tried a few home remedies and we also consulted a skin specialist. That was in the month of March and April this year when there is summer in India. The skin specialist also said that this generally happens in this season and we avoided this problem thinking that it will end as the rainy season starts.

We waited for two long months and then there were rains in Mumbai in the month of June but even after two weeks of rains, we were still facing the same problems. We then consulted a better dermatologist and she scanned our routine, we told her about the Keratin treatment that we were taking from the last  20 months. She made a report of her observations and she instructed us to stop this treatment and she prescribed us with some skin medicines. By the month of July there were some good news as well as some bad news for us, the good news was that the skin problems had reduced by some great margin but on the other hand my hair started going rough and dry.

I was preparing to write an article for a contest organized by Blogadda and coincidentally I found this article on the Reward Me site of P&G. This article mentioned the pros and cons about Keratin Treatment and also explained about how formaldehyde is injurious to our health. The symptoms mentioned were exactly relating the same what problems I was facing. And at the end of the article there was a solution given to get smooth and silky hair by avoiding the Keratin Treatment. The solution given there was to apply Wella Professional Silk-Treat Straight service on my hair. I have been trying this product from last three days and I can say that the solution really worked for me. The results so far are really great, the roughness of my hair is no longer a problem for me as I got a health friendly solution to my problems.

I hope this post helps you, do share your hair caring solutions if you have one in the comments section.

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.


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