Sunday, 12 July 2015

Natural Oils

Do you remember those days of your childhood when your mom used to massage your entire body with oil before sending you for a bath? Well, you were very small that time and you needed a lot of care which is taken for you by your mom. You mom used to hold you tight between her thighs and then she used to give you a toy to play in your hand and them when you started playing with it she used to gently lay you on her laps and give a comfortable oil massage on your entire body.

You were very small that time and you may have noticed what special types of oils she used while giving you a massage. Well, now you are grown up and may be you still take a body massage by going to a spa centre, but the oils which are put on you inside the spa are way different than what kinds if oils your mom used to massage you in your childhood. The oils which are used in the spa may contain a lot of chemicals and their final aim is to relax your body, but the oils which your mom used at that time were not only meant to relax you, but they were also meant to give your skin, bones and muscle a complete nourishment.

Those were natural oils and they contained almond and olive extracts in them. At that time you might not now what are the benefits of natural oils, but today in this article you will surely know about the benefits of those oils. Here are the benefits of natural oils that help for a better skin, bone and muscle development:

  • Natural oils contain vital vitamins and minerals which provide you a soft and fluffy skin.
  • The almond extracts act like an effective pain killer which minimizes the pains that is caused du to bone development in your body and nourishes the bones so that they are stronger from inside.
  • Natural oils do provide a better hair health, it does it by implanting proteins of keratin which help you to get stronger and longer hair in your future.
  • Natural oils do not contain any toxin as they are chemical free and instead they help your skin from absorbing toxin from the air.
  • Natural oils do help in improving the immune system of your body.
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