Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Taazgi ka Dhamaka with my favorite music.

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Music is something which has a very great importance in our life. We wake up early in the morning and have a loads of work to do throughout the day, we prefer starting our day with some exercises and music to refresh ourselves and make ourselves feel a little energetic. Almost every third person reading this blog may have the habit of listening to music early in the morning, and if they don't have then surely they would have seen their parents or grandparents or neighbors doing it. No matter what music we prefer varying from religious songs or bhajans, Bollywood songs or English songs, but any kind of music we listen in the morning refreshes us and gives an energizing start for the day.

Here I have a video where the music of Anushka Manchanda and the moves of Allu Arjun have set the stage on fire in a boring wedding environment.

But in our practical  lives we can't have these celebrities coming up at our places, but we do have a favorite playlist that we play every time to refresh ourselves and fill some great energy in our life. Here is my playlist which gets me moving and gives me a Taazgi ka Dhamaka:

Kabhi Kabhi mere Dil me Khayal ata hai

This song by Mukesh is loved by three different generations in my family. My grandmother, my mother and by me. I do listen it once everyday.
Pani Da Rang by Ayushmann Khurana

This song from the movie Vicky Donor stands second in my playlist. One of the best Punjabi Songs I have heard till today.

This song sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh is the only work I like made by him. The way the guitar is played in this movie is really awesome.
Mitti Di Khushboo


There are few songs listening to their lyrics you can guess the meaning of the song, but this song by Ayushmann Khurana has a great backgroung music which makes us feel the song. Hats off to the artists of this song.

Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaaro

This is one of the two best songs from the movie Roy who have won the hearts of millions of people who love or do not love Bollywood songs. The composition of this song is really great that it can be played in parties as well.

Tu hai ki nahi

This is the second song from the same movie Roy which is my favorite. I specially like the whistle tune of this song.


This song by A. R. Rahman is the most romantic composition by him. I love the music of this song.

Zindagi Aa Rahaan Hoon Main


This is one of the best albums of Atif Aslam. And the moves of Tiger Shroff are really great. Hats off to both the guys.

Jeena Jeena

This is another great song by Atif Aslam. It has a loving melody.

These were a few songs that I listen to refresh myself. I would really appreciate if the readers share their playlists in the comments section.

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