Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tips to pamper stressed out skin.

Photographs are something everyone likes to take as memories at various occasions, but when it comes to take photographs without the make up, girls to try to stay far from the camera. This is something which happens almost with every second girl, we girls need to take a lot of care when the question comes to going out at some parties or family functions, meetings, etc. Without a proper make up it becomes difficult sometimes to show our faces to the world, this does not mean that we girls don't look beautiful, but still we take precautions before facing a camera.

I feel that the actresses who land on the red carpet of a ceremony are the lucky ones as they have a team along with them who take care of their beauty before they face any camera. But on the other hand we all are not that lucky to carry a few people along with us just to take care of our beauty. And if even a single black spot on our face gets captured in the camera, it is going to be in that image forever, and I don't think any person would like an ugly face as memories in a picture album.

Beauty of a girls face is never permanent, it may also differ to the lifestyle a girl is living in and the hormonal changes happening inside her body. Stress is something that every girl has to deal with in some or the other part of her life. And stress has a great effect on the beauty of a girl. A girl who is working for late at nights and not taking enough sleep will surely get her stress reflected on her face by getting dark circles near her eyes. Avoiding a proper diet meal due to stress can even result in loosing the glow of a girl's skin. On the other hand the menstrual cycle also plays a big role in maintaining a girl's beauty.
A few of my problems were solved after reading this article and taking a few tips from it. I have started practicing those tips from a week and I have got to observe these changes to on my face:
  • Skin has become more resistant to hot surfaces.
  • Dark spots have started to vanish.
  • Dryness level of the skin has gone down.
  • Skin has started glowing a lot.
  • Pimples on the face have reduced.
I would recommend my readers to try the beauty tips listed on this article and do share your experiences in the comments.
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