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7 Hair care tips for silky and smooth hair

Inspiring from the articles on Reward Me, here is my second article for the category 'Hair care' where I will be sharing seven hair care tips for summer based on my personal experience. In a hot country like India, the summer season is something what your hair doesn't likes at all. And in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai, summer days are experienced almost for the entire year.

Taking a proper care of your hair becomes very necessary in Summers. And the reason behind this is that this season can get your hair dry, rough and prone to sun damage. This can result as your hair becoming weaker day by day and you can even start losing your hair. And hence you need to take a proper care of your hair. I have shared some tips based on some internet research and personal experience which will help you to maintain your hair smooth and silky even in summers.

Natural Hair care tips for silky and smooth hair in summers:

Hair conditioner

Using a hair conditioner on every alternate days will help you fight all your hair problems in a lot better way.

Protect your hair by covering them.

It is advisable to avoid the direct contact of your hair with the hot sun rays. Use an umbrella or a hat with sunglasses to avoid their exposure to direct sun.

Hair Washing

Summer means a lot of sweat and oil extracts is going to get collected in your hair after a long day work. Washing your hair for just a few minutes will not help you. You should wash your hair very properly and gently for minimum 10 minutes with any shampoo that suits your hair.

Hot oil Massaging

Hot oil massaging is the best solution that can be done to avoid rough and dry hair in summers. Massage your hair using oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Try to take a massage at least once a day. 

Oily scalp treatment

If your scalp generally remains oily then you are going to face a lots of problems in summers, as this problem will not be in your control during the summers. I have a solution that requires not extra cosmetics, it can be prepared easily at home. This solution is to apply Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse after you are done washing your hair properly.

The method is very easy, all you need to do is take half cup of apple cider vinegar and add a little water to it. Mix it properly and then pour it on your head after you are done with washing your hair.

Hair Packs

Hair packs provide a lot of nourishment to your hair in summers. But you need to decide a hair pack based on the type of hair problem you have. I would suggest a protein hair pack by breaking an egg in a cup and then adding 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, mix it and apply it in your hair for around 30 minutes and then wash it in cold water using a shampoo.

Diet and water

Take a proper diet and consume a lot of water as water throws out all the toxins of your body in the form of the urine.

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