Thursday, 2 June 2016

Time to Redefine Gender Equality #ShareTheLoad

Women Equality, Women Empowerment, Women Rights, Women Safety, etc. are words which sound good when they are trending on Twitter on the Women's day with different hash tags but things come back to normal on the very next day. Women have fought a long battle since ages for respect and independence in the society and in comparison to the conditions that were 100 years back, today the women stand at a far better place then what it used to be before. Women are now free to get education, they have also started working as professionals in various different fields, the blames for giving birth to a girl child have also come down, but even after all this women are still expected to be a perfect homemaker. 

Equality between a man and a woman is one of the topics which is never giving complete importance and is being ignored since years. If you pick any example of a working woman either from your family or from your friends or relatives, you will find similar things being a part of every woman's life and a bitter truth above all this is that many of us do realize that these things are wrong but still we don't do something on it as we are habitual to it. But now the time has come to break the shackles of the very primitive thinking.

And for that we need to change the way people think about women, and that can be only achieved if this theory is corrected in the minds of children who are growing today so that in future we may see the things being changed. Here are some values that should be inculcated by the next generation so that they understand the gender equality in the household activities and there are gender stereotypes in the coming future:

1. Every child should learn doing his/her work on its own. 
If we teach a child to start doing a little part of his work on his own from today, then in the future that same child who will turn into an adult will have the habit of doing all his work on its own.

2. Children should be taught to wash their clothes and utensils on their own.
From the age of 10 onward, children should at least learn to wash their undergarments and small utensils like bowls, spoons and plates on their own. 

3. A child should be taught to work together with his family.
During festivals when the lady of the house is busy cleaning the entire house, children with other members of the family should distribute the work according to the ages so that the child may learn to do small chores such as cleaning and will also be inspired with his family members to work together and help his mother/ sister/ aunt.

In this way a child will also become self-dependent rather than being a lazy person and that primitive theory will never enter in his mind that only women should do the household chores and in future he may turn out to be a better companion for his partner. A happiness exists permanently in families where both the man and woman walk hand in hand throughout their life.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

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