Sunday, 6 March 2016

Promise your Lady Love this Women's Day

"In the house of trust,
You keep a promise and you add a brick,
Break a promise and you break the entire wall."

Promises do mean a lot in any relationship, a relation between two teen lovers stands on the promise that they won't leave each other tomorrow. A relation between a husband and his wife stands on the promise that they will be there for each other on every new second, new minute, new hour, new week, new month, New Year and every new birth. Which is exactly a promise taken during the marriages in Hindu religion when they say "Pati Patni ek dusre se vada kare ki vah ek dusre ka sath janmo-janmo tak nibhayenge" (Both Husband and Wife should promise each other that they support each other for births).

That phrase sounds good when it is chanted during the time of marriage but later as time passes and both husband and wife have to face the real problems of life, the promises seem to get neglected and ignored. And then then walls of start collapsing in their happy house of trust and love. 

So on this women's day it is time to revise those promises and I request every man who is reading this article to promise the following promises to their lady love:

1. "I will always find some time for her".

Husbands in late 30's have loads of responsibilities on them. These responsibilities of work, business, children, family relations, etc. sometimes makes them feel tired like a 70 year old man and they forget that they have a wife as well for whom they can't find time. I request all the husbands to dig out some quality time from their schedule for their lady, there can be a replacement of everything in your life except her.

2. “I will give her the freedom to live the life she wants”.

Society also plays a major role in every relationships and majority times it is a woman who is questioned the most. Her career, her job, and the kind of clothes she wears, etc. Take a promise that you will support her and give her the freedom to whatever she wants to do and you will stand with her to face the society.

3. “Promise yourself that you will be cent percent honest to her”.

Honesty is very important in any relationship. Relationships are built on the pillars of trust and if any of the two fails to be honest then the relationship falls like a house of cards. Honesty is also the best gift you can give her, so always Be Honest!!

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the#SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

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