Thursday, 2 June 2016

Role of a Perfect Husband #ShareTheLoad

A women is always expected to do the household chores such as washing clothes, cleaning utensils, taking care of her child, cooking food and also keeping things ready for her husband. Things may change but the tag of being a homemaker will always remain with women no matter even if she earns more than the male earner of her house. But the best part of women is that, even after doing all that, she will always greet you with a smile on her face. And this is why she is called a 'Woman'.

Gender inequality has many drawbacks and the major drawback of it is that it brings limitations to what kind of a life does a woman wishes to live. Due to workloads a woman is the one who wakes up early in the morning before everyone else and then she spends her half of the time in order to make things easier for others. This is a story that happens in every house and due to this a woman has to sacrifice all her personal plans for the betterment of her family. Well, that was not the reason why a woman took birth, even she has her own life to enjoy. Even she likes going out to work and feels the same tiredness what her husband feels after returning home from her job, but still she has to step into the kitchen to prepare the dinner for her family. 

In my last article I shared some ways that can help us teach some good values to the next generation kids so that they don't turn out to be gender stereotypes in future. In this article I will be throwing light on how can a husband's behaviour towards his wife help to teach some good values of gender equality to their children.

A mother can make her children learn to do things on their own and that can help to establish gender equality for household chores in the future, but a husband's attitude towards her wife can mentally shape many things in their child's mind which can leave good or bad impression for a woman depending on how a husband behaves with his wife.

The theory is simple that a child learns the same what he or she sees in his/her parents. If I child sees his father disrespecting his mom, even he may do the same thing with his wife in future. But he sees his father supporting and loving his mom, he may also support his wife in future. 

So the role of a father and a husband turns out to be very important if we are looking forward to teach gender equality values to the kids of next generation. And here are the values that husband should inculcate so that his child may respect his woman equally in the future:

1. Stop giving orders to your wife and try to do your work on your own.
If your son watches you working then surely he himself will learn to do his work on his own.

2. Forgive her if she does a mistake and start to find a solution for the mistake with a smile.
Generally husbands try to scold and slap their wife if she does a mistake, but this is wrong. Even she is a human and can make mistakes, if you start hitting her then this will not leave a good impression about the relations between a man and a woman in his mind.

3. Give her a holiday.
No matter if your wife works out or if she is only a housewife, even she gets tired and needs a break. Give her a holiday and take her out for shopping or a movie. Your child will learn to respect the work she does.

4. Work together as a family.
There may be times when the workload on your wife may be more. Come together as a family and help her in her work, this will maintain the happiness in your family and also your child may get to learn many things from both of you.

5. Always be there for her.
There may be good and bad times in your family, support her equally all the time. Your child will learn to do the same with his partner in the future.

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