Thursday, 4 February 2016

Proper Planning: My mantra for #Colgate360GoldMornings

A perfect start in the morning helps us manage everything perfectly throughout the day. Referring the old proverb that "Well started is half done" plays a major role every day in every one's life and by the end of the when all the things start coming in our way, the good mornings turn into golden mornings and such golden mornings everyday helps us in succeeding in every challenges of our lives. 

If I talk about myself, being a wife, a mother and a daughter, my day starts early in the morning at 5 am where I am busy negotiating with the alarm for five extra minutes of sleep. Then as soon as I wake up I need to make sure that I am ready with everything before my children wake up. Need to arrange their clothes on properly, prepare breakfast for them and parallel to it I also need to finish up my work on time. Then waking up my children and preparing them to go to school, feeding them properly and then making them board the school bus ends my first challenge of the day. Then coming back home and waking my parents and husband, preparing their breakfast and placing my husband's things on right place is the second most important part of my day. Finally when my husband leaves for his office and my parents go to a nearby temple, I finish up the household chores and then finally I find some time for myself. I use that time to prepare some notes, read books and watch television. Then before leaving for the school I need to prepare lunch for everyone. And then after a working of 6 hours I come back home, look after my children's homework, prepare dinner, finish off the chores, arrange things for the next day and get back to sleep. 

And again on the next day the same process gets repeated. This is not only my story, this is the story of millions of mothers and housewives and surprisingly a single woman handles everything perfectly every day. And there is only one mantra which helps everything done in proper way, and the mantra is nothing other than Proper Planning. I plan everything well in advance on previous night which helps me manage everything perfectly on the next day, and that happiness which I get at the end of everyday itself is the success when everything go in my way for the entire day. And hence the good mornings turn into golden mornings.

This was my post for #Colgate360GoldMornings 

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