Sunday, 13 December 2015

Why Mumbai is my favourite city when it comes to driving

Which city comes in your mind when you and your friends are planning for a drive?

A drive is a great fun when we move out of our homes to discover new places by driving through the place with our vehicle. When we are planning for drive no matter if the drive is with our friends, family members or even a drive with just me and my car, we always look for a place which is best in terms of Drive, Design and connect.

First of all the feature of drive is very important as this is one of the primary things we keep in our mind while deciding a route for a drive. We decide those routes which give is the best driving experience and for a best driving experience we always look for a place which has the best roads. While looking for the best road we look for that road which is smoother, doesn't have holes, has very less speed breakers and also the road is very broad so that we don't face any kinds of obstacles such as a traffic jam which can spoil our fun of driving.

The next thing we look for is the design of the road. Generally we love to drive on roads which are either completely straight or flat or they have many twists and turns. A flat and straight road allows you to take your car which ever speed you want and a route with many twists and turns also gives a great driving experience. We also look for routes which have more number of highways or express ways so that the journey goes long without any interval.

The road which connects many other places within a shorter and straight route is also loved by people when they are planning for a drive across the city. A drive across the city is fun as you can visit many other places inside the city in a single drive.

When I keep all these features in mind, there is only on city which pops in my mind. And that city is in fact the place where I currently stay, the city of dreams, Mumbai. I have been living in this city since the last 7 years and these are the reasons why it stands up to be my favourite city when it comes to driving:

1. Smooth Driving Experience:
Although there are maximum number of potholes on the roads of Mumbai during the rainy season, we still get a comfortable driving experience overall. Except for a few places with huge traffic jams, the other parts of Mumbai can be rated be better with respect to many other cities across India.

2. Design of the city:
Mumbai stands average when it comes to design, there are IT parks, big hotels, International Airport, Railways and Bus stations which add to the beauty of the city. But the city is still developing and there are many places in which need to be redesigned. But on the other hand roads of Mumbai are well designed and it gives a metropolitan feel when we drive across various express ways, flyovers and the Worli Sea Link.

3. Connectivity in the city:
There are all kinds of transportation services like buses, local trains, auto rickshaws, taxi, cab, trucks, metro, monorail, etc. which help you to travel across the city. The roads in Mumbai support all kinds of vehicles and the land transport system connects you to every corner of the city via the land route.

These are the reasons why I feel that Mumbai is #madeofgreat city and I find it the best when it comes to driving.

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