Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness at Kissanpur

How will you define your meaning for Real Togetherness?

You may say that Real togetherness means having those selected people around you whom you love and care the most and in return they too care for you equally. But due to our busy schedule the meaning of real togetherness for us has only limited us to connect with each other via the social networks or calling each other once or twice a week. 

We all have great memories from our past which have the best real togetherness moments captured in them but having the same time again is a dream that we a have but due to on or the other reasons our life restricts us from doing it. I remember my days of childhood when I and my three other friends Maria, Joel and Jessica used to spend hours in our college campus bunking lectures and enjoying the golden days of our life. Maria used to play Guitar very well and we used to sit in the garden facing each other and used to sing songs on the melodies payed by her. Then we used to remove our lunch boxes and every one of us used to eat a little from everyone's lunch box. We grew up in those days when there was no great advancement in technology so we didn't had smart phones with 5 Megapixels camera and hence taking a selfie was something what none of us knew. But we still used to take selfies of each other with the most loving and creative way drawing sketches of each other. And then in the evening we used to go to the famous tea stall outside our college, a cup of tea with some biscuits was something that we used to have in our own way by dipping the biscuits inside the tea and then waiting for the tea to cool down a little. And then all four of us used to return back to our homes on our bicycles. Those days were really awesome where all four of us were each other's life and each of us used to care about others equally. 

Looking to our lives now, things have changed much compared to what it used to be a few years before. Everyone has their own life and have settled in different parts of the world and everyone has their own families to look after now. But after having a throwback to the past and replaying all the memories we had recorded in those days, I feel that I want to live in those days again where all four of us used to spend time in a natural surroundings. And to do that I would like to take everyone to Kissanpur where we can step out of the digital world we are living in today to a world of love, happiness and joy. Here is a video of Kissanpur made by Kissan where you can experience Real Togetherness with your loved ones.

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