Monday, 30 November 2015

5 things for a baby's perfect skin care.

Babies are best hings that happen to a mother and every mother puts her best efforts in taking care of her baby. A mother wakes up early in the morning and and does all her work trying to avoid even a single noise which can affect her baby's sleep, also she puts all her luxuries aside to make the baby feel comfortable. She takes the baby for a bath, massages the baby's entire body, dresses her with good clothes and then sings, dances and makes drama all day to entertain her baby and make the baby happy.

Besides all this there is one of the most important thing that a mother needs to take care about her baby and that is the baby's skin. There are almost many ways how a mother takes care of her baby's skin, some are natural ways which are being followed since ages and the other ones are the new methods that the latest science research has suggested to keep the baby skin safe. Here are the 5 things according to me that can help to keep a baby's skin softer and healthy:

Using cotton balls instead of rough clothes.

Generally people use old clothes to wipe out the wastes on a baby's skin but that in some way is also harmful for baby's skin. Rough clothes do help us clean that portion but that indirectly is more harmful for the baby as there are chances of rashes due to this. I will suggest the mothers to use soft cotton as it can absorb away the liquid and also it is softer in feel.

Avoid using ordinary talcum powder

Nowadays talcum powders come with some harmful chemicals. Those chemicals are added so that it can give a good fragrance also it helps in leaving some cooling effect. Mothers generally use it during summer so that baby stays cool and rashes are prevented. But this theory is wrong, that talcum powder is harmful for the baby.

Use proper moisturizers.

Moisturize a baby's skin rather than keeping it wet. A wet skin can make the baby feel uncomfortable, it may invite infection on a baby's skin and also it can cause her cold. But on the other side moisturizers help in keeping baby's skin softer, smoother, comfortable and act like a shield that prevents infections to enter the body.

Don't use besan.

Using besan on a baby's skin so that it makes the skin more fairer is being followed since ages, but that really doesn't help the baby and it is also harmful for the baby's skin cells. If things like besan would have helped making skin fairer then I think there would have been no black human existing on this planet. But the truth is that it harms a baby's skin rather than making it fairer.

Use proper diapers.

Diapers are really very important for a baby's skin, there used to be days in our childhood when our mothers used to tie us 'Langots' but today science has given us some more better methods and products which helps us keep the baby skin soft and also avoids any type infections getting into a baby's skin.

A baby's skin is something that requires a proper care, do make sure you as a mother take the best care of your baby.

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