Sunday, 27 September 2015

Decision that changed everything

Sometimes we take some different decisions in our life that turns out to be the master key for our success in our future and gives our life a new start. Today I am here with another #SachchiAdvice story of my life advised to me by one of  my professional friend that changed many things for me and gave me a chance to live my life from a new start.

This was a time few years back when I moved from my job to my personal business. I had completed my Masters in Commerce and got a job as a marketing manager in a private firm. Being a student of commerce I was well aware about starting a new business and managing it.
After completing seven years of job in a private firm where I started as an assistant and ended as a Senior Marketing Manager, I decided to take a move and start my own business. I think this thing is common between many people in the same profession where they work in some company for a few years and get the experience to start their own business. I also started my business of imports and exports.

It was a little difficult for me in the start to set the business and make big profits, but being in the same profession for years had made me knew about it well before I started my business. I used to travel different places and find something new available there and get them in my business my buying those goods from there and selling them to other dealers. In the start I had to face loss when some products did not work in the market but then I used to manage them to sell them to local dealers in a discounted price.

At some point of my journey I even thought of leaving everything and getting back to my job but still I had some faith on myself which made me work very hard. A few years later success started coming to me and it made me work even much harder. After many ups and downs in my business I finally found it a little adjusted after three years. Now my company was known by many people on the same business and had gain a lot of respect from others as well. Slowly we expanded our business and started recruiting many new employees with us.

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