Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Unbelievable Speed #Airtel4G

Internet has now become a very important part of our life. Today it is impossible to survive even for a few minutes without an internet connection. Tweets, chats, status updates, likes, shares, comments, selfies and lots are more are something that bring small packets of happiness in our lives whenever they pop on our mobile's notification bar, and of course the only reason behind this happiness is the internet. 

If I take my example, the first thing that clicks in my mind when I wake up in the morning is to turn the mobile data on. No day starts for me until I don't wish Good Morning to my loved ones and I can't get a sound sleep at night until I finish talking to my parents via a video call. Internet is one of the very special gifts gifted to us by the developing technology. No matter in whichever part of the world you reside, the only thing that will connect you to another other place in the world is internet.

Even Internet has its own history, starting from the 90's till today it has developed on a very vast scale. My elder cousins shared with me about their experiences of using the internet in the earlier days of their life, for them sending a mail successfully was equal to downloading a video from the internet nowadays. Internet became a lifeline for all of us after it was introduced to the mobile phones, and soon with the passing time it developed from 2G to 3G and today we have the 4G services available in our country. 

Those were the days a few years ago when we used to use 2G, the 2G services at that time gave maximum speed of 15-25 Kilobytes per Second which hardly used to download songs for us. Then came the 3G services which made a phenomenal change in the internet speeds taking it to 500- 1000 Kilobytes per second. And today we have Airtel who have launched the 4G services in India. The 4G services give provide you with a speed in Megabytes per second which is something that we don't get even from the cable internet connection installed on our computers.

Airtel 4G is be the first telecom service to roll out 4G services in India and it will be available in 296 cities. And the best part of it is that the 4G service will be available at the same cost that we pay for the 3G services. Here are a few things I would love to do with the Airtel 4G services:

·        Video calling with my parents without lags and distortion.
·        No overnight movie downloads.
·        Stream live cricket match anywhere.
·        Watch my favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere on YouTube.

This was all that I would do, check out this video about the Airtel 4G service and share your plans with this unbelievable speed in the comments box given below.

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