Monday, 10 August 2015

The Castle of My Dreams #ColgateMagicalStories

"Your Imagination is your preview of Life's coming attractions"
-Albert Einstein

Creativity and imaginations are things that can take you anywhere you want. And when things come to imagination, there is nothing so creative in this world that can't be imagined by children. Children have a their own worlds of imaginations, from the stories they listen, from the cartoon shows they watch, etc. where the live with happiness and joy.

Here is an imaginative story of magical castle by my daughter Asmita,

I gave her packs of Colgate and she created a short story which was narrated by her in the form of a short poem written by me.

The Castle of My Dreams

It was a dark night, 
I was sleeping holding my pillows tight,
When I dreamed about my magical castle.

Between a forest dense green,
Covered with trees long and thin,
Animals and birds lived without any hassle.

Colored with shiny gold,
My castle look bold,
Ruled by a King who loved kids.

The King was Handsome,
The King was Strong,
Who fulfilled every child's needs.

A beautiful Queen,
A brave Prince,
A charming Princess,
Completed the Royal Family.

One day, when everyone was happy,
There came a Witch,
Little Ugly, Little Crappy.

She saw the Princess and was jealous of her beauty,
She gave her a creamy cake which was tasty and fruity.

After eating the cake,
 The princess fainted,
The witch was happy,
Because it was all she wanted.

She kidnapped away the princess,
But a knight saw her on the way.
The Knight tried to fight with her,
But she defeated and ran away.

The injured Knight told this to the King,
The sky turned grey and the birds stopped to sing.

The prince was sad,
And the king started to cry,
The King pointed his magical stick up towards the sky.

The kingdom was magical,
was something that the witch was not aware.
The witch burnt into fire,
And the King saved the Princess with care.

The witch turned into ash,
and all the evil disappeared.
Happiness, fun and joy was all what reappeared.

And finally all started living happily,
In my magical castle of dreams.

If you liked my daughter's video, then here are few more lovely stories by Colgate in the playlist given below. Do have a look at it, you will love it for sure.

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